Manufacturing since 1893

Specialists in abrasive products, polishing compounds, and industrial services

At Tierras Industriales HERRÁN Y DIEZ, founded in Castro Urdiales in 1893, we have extensive experience in abrasive products, mechanical surface treatment, and industrial services.

We are the only European manufacturer of Tripoli, and one of the leading producers worldwide. Our market knowledge and over 130 years of experience in the industrial sector endorse us as one of the most solid and prominent family businesses in our field.

The main use of Tripoli is in the production of polishing compounds and refractory insulating materials. We have been extracting this natural mineral from our own mines since 1893.

The low-calcination aluminas we distribute are a nationally manufactured product.

Their quality standards meet the highest levels and are comparable to those of any other European manufacturer, but at a much lower cost, primarily due to our low structural and competitive costs.

These high-quality alumina oxides can be used alone or in various formulations for diverse applications.

Due to our extensive experience in manufacturing polishing compounds, we offer a wide catalog of abrasive Corundums. Always seeking the best quality-price ratio, we can advise you on the purchase of these products depending on their application.

The solid polishing compounds we produce are a blend of the finest abrasives with the best selection of fats, waxes, and oils.

Without a doubt, we can say that our solid polishing compounds and polishing waxes are among the first positions worldwide in quality..

Spanish Tripoli, a Unique Mineral in the World

Tripoli is a unique cream color mineral in the world, wich its main use is the solid polishing compounds and insulating refractories.